Your aspiration about cosmetics
becomes a reality in Korea.

  • Tenkoco is a cosmetics brand consulting company established by a former L’Oreal beauty specialist.
  • One-stop solution for branding, planning, design, manufacturing, and shipping!
  • Do not waste your valuable time looking for information and outsourcing work to agencies for brand, product planning, design, subsidiary materials, and manufacturing.
  • Tenkoco, a consulting firm that specializes in trendy cosmetics and is capable of handling tasks from A to Z, can help you launch a new cosmetic brand and cosmetics business.

We specialize in branding and product planning.

BMs for cosmetics are easy to find. However, it is challenging to find a BM with both global conglomerate branding knowledge and local manufacturing management experience.

We provide one-stop solution.

We provide one stop solution that enables to undertake branding, product planning, design, manufacturing, and warehousing at once.

We provide the LOWEST MOQ and PRICE

We require minimum MOQ since we understand indie brands status.

We work efficiently so that you may focus on your needs.

With a strong network (OEM, subsidiary materials), we save your time spent worrying and allow you to concentrate on the product.

We reply in 10hours & total process takes only 4 months

We reply to emails within 10 hours. From brand development to product manufacturing takes about 4 months.

Don't hesitate to contact us!

We are glad to provide a free consulting for Korean cosmetic manufacturing.